The difference between social media and ‘real life’
Have you noticed how easy it is to get caught up in what is happening online on social media? One minute you’re just looking at one Facebook post, and the next thing, you’re looking at your timeline forever! Excessive use of social media is a real problem that people face, and it can distract you from some of the important responsibilities of “real life” from time to time.

On social media, you can edit what people see. You are able to take a hundred pictures and send one you think is best. Not that there is anything wrong with that Choma, but it’s important to know that when you look at people’s lives online, you are looking at a sort of agenda.

You don’t see what they work for. For this reason, it is important not to copy your life and what you see on social media. Your journey is less important than anyone else’s because of what you have or don’t have – your journey is different.

How to avoid being caught up in the ‘social media’
Having a phone is a great way to keep in touch with the people you care about right away, but social media also means that everyone on the Internet has immediate access to a part of your life, even if you don’t want to. This can make you feel stressed about normal life But it’s important to remember that your real life happens and a good Choma.

Do you ever find yourself caught by what other people might think of you, or if they like you? This, of course, happens to many young people. You may be trying to understand yourself and who you really are, but you should not think that other people’s ideas are true.

Not everyone will love you, the same way you may not like everyone you meet, but that doesn’t mean you are inferior to anyone else. You have to work on building a healthy self-esteem to truly trust yourself for who you are, but it’s a very important process.

When we do something exciting, sometimes our first thought is to inform everyone about this. We hear that first award of happiness, and immediately want everyone to see it. In the end, this can get you into the habit of not being in the present moment – either alone or with others. You don’t have to always share everything that happens in your life with the world.

Social media can be used to make you feel good about yourself (get good reviews from friends; have good questions online) and sometimes make you feel bad about yourself (leaving you feeling jealous or feeling bad about your life).

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Always remember to love yourself, no matter what you see or read online.

Eligibility for social media

  1. It is always true to its name – social

Humans are social creatures. Whether visible boundaries or distance are not available, our species always find a way to communicate. When social media brought us closer, facilitated communication and cleared the borders of countries, we naturally did not hesitate to give it a place in our lives. Social media has spread communication.

We can stay in touch, no matter where we are, and successfully feed our social needs. No other means of communication can approach the benefits of media in this world.

  1. Greater freedom of expression

Governments have been formed and have been overcome by the power of mass media. Social issues come first and foremost. There is no speech, no thought, it can be noticed again and everyone now has the option to express their opinion.

Social media has effectively taken away liberty at every level and people have the power to make change. Be it business or politicians, the whole world of power now has to remain vigilant as the so-called netizens have a new freedom of expression.

  1. To break education down to the grass

The impact of social media is probably greater in developing countries where the public strives to disseminate literacy. With social media and its easy availability, that bottle has finally been cleared. Where there is no provision of books, the Internet does the work and it is through networking that people can connect and disseminate information. Video stream and sharing have grown. Local languages ​​are very popular. The whole community level has steadily increased over the last few years, all because of social media

  1. Small businesses have an advertising platform

And how does this affect the community? The economy. Previously, all the advertising power rested on large products with large bank rates. After that, social media became more and more popular. Anyone, with a reputable product, can use social media access to reach potential buyers and sell them, sometimes, exploding the products of big companies. This has brought many entrepreneurs into our communities. The economy is thriving. The quality of life has improved and social media has always been a great checker.

  1. Unnecessary spread of awareness

No one can count the number of people who have laid down a cigarette after watching a post on social media. Or a driver who has vowed to drive safely after receiving an awareness campaign.

Whether it’s for women empowerment or charitable applications, a global pride movement or environmental issues, social media is a platform for spreading awareness and this trend continues to rise.

People are more knowledgeable now. No one has to work hard to know something. Social media has made our lives better and improved the whole community.

This list can really go on. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram, they’ve done us a lot more good than bad and the results are obvious. But this will not make us ignore the demons inside and ignore the wrong. It’s time to look at the other side of the coin.

Reduction of social media

  1. The index of happiness is always low

In fact, there is a saying to explain this situation – social media caused the disappointment. The platforms have been causing a huge gap in our expectations. Pictures of the left or the happy phase of human life make us think of the truth that cannot be found.

And when we go out there and experience life, the gap that awaits goes up our levels of unhappiness. We want to live someone else’s life, following a prominent career or lifestyle. At all times, we ignore our reality and remain unhappy in everything.

  1. False stories spread like wildfire

The ease of sharing has boosted the learning experience, but has also brought some bad news. People easily find the untrue, share it with their established practice, and lead to really unpleasant consequences. Criminal cases occur daily.

Social intolerance is also in its prime. Social media are platforms for communication where false information spreads like wildfire and poison to our society. The great atmosphere of the forums makes it difficult to look at all the works and the devil goes on living among us. No

  1. Cyberbullying

Children and teens have taken their own lives after being victims of cyberbullying. Celebrities are the constant victims of the tyranny of their lives. Social media, as well as access and communication, have also shaped our animal desire to rule over each other and the level of these social risks has risen at an alarming rate. False accounts make easy victims out of online children. The virus outbreaks eventually stifles travel. The whole community is suffering and no one can save.

  1. Privacy is not a name

Unfortunately, everything we put online is never private, no matter what the forums are. It only takes the expert’s hand to log into our accounts and get rid of everything about us. Data is a new currency and all of our information is marketed. Based on our knowledge, we are shown ads, businesses thrive, and the truth remains hidden. To understand this, just look at the history of how many times Facebook was hacked? The answers lie there.

  1. The number of relationships dropped

Social media gives us better communication. It’s easy to find new people there and seek validation. In any relationship, a small glitch moves us away from the person we have in real life and removes the relationship faster than social media. Whether it’s parent, platonic or romantic, the value of relationships is suffering in today’s world. We tend to run away from problems and social media provides some escape. Instead of working after a relationship, people are unfortunately replacing it, which reduces their quality of life and the world at large.

And can this list go on again? Without fail. Technology is always the whole package. If we do not know how to separate the cream, we will be included in our creation.

So, it’s time for a decision
No one can do it for us. No one can tell us to completely separate ourselves from social media as it just doesn’t happen. It is up to us how we want to accept, maybe overcome by some decline but then return to normal. Social media has the power to change the world, making it a better place to live. But only if we decide to use it properly.

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