When I heard the shocking news about Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide on Sunday afternoon, I’ve been thinking ever since: how could this be? Why did he take such an extreme step? Admittedly, you are experiencing problems, difficulties, but these are not permanent. He could talk to the people he was close to. She may have shared her pain with her closest friends. This is not Sushant’s only problem. Millions of people face a similar challenge daily. So, I decided to talk about this issue at our first ‘Aa Ki Ki Baat’ show on Monday night to convince people that life is everything. As long as you live, you may fulfill your dreams, but once you extinguish the flame of life, it’s gone, ever.

Sushant was assignes to his last friend Monday in the presence of his family members and co-workers. His body went through the death process and, as of now, the Mumbai police have not received any foul play in his death. Police believe he died from the shock and breath. There were no external injuries to her body. Bandra police have filed a case of accidental death. Police recorded statements of six people including Sushant’s sister and actress Sidharth Pitain. Four people were staying with Sushant in his flat. There were two chefs from Bihar, a chef and Sidharth Pitain.

In a statement to police, Sidharth Pitain says, Sushant has a problem with his girlfriend for the past few months and there were numerous clash. Sushant’s family members have been opposes to his daughter’s intervention in family matters. The girl had also denied that Sidharth would stay with Sushant in his flat. Then his girlfriend left him and moved in with a friend. Police also told that the girlfriend had an altercation with Sushant’s sister, Ritu Singh after that relationship became strained. They will interrogate Sushant’s girlfriend. Police was also tell that Sushant has spoken briefly to family members and had locked himself in his house during the closing.

There are many questions, but no one seems to have the right answer. The other is still to find a possible explanation for Sushant’s suicide. Her Bollywood career was on the right track. His first movie was hit at the box office and his last film was a huge hit. Sushant’s films were getting commercial and critical. His acting skills was appreciating.He was in charge of three to four new projects.

Sushant was 34 years old and he was with her. That is why his suicide has raised so many eyebrows. Most people in Bollywood were shocked. His suicide has become a hotly debated debate topic on social media.

It is alleges that Sushant was distinguish from other Bollywood officials because he was an outsider. It is says that some of the biggest names in Bollywood have refuses to accept Sushant and have released him for big ticket projects. Cases of promoting unity are refers to other Bollywood forums and outsiders are not allows in big films.

It is allege that Bollywood is now split into several major camp. Actress Kangana Ranaut went to the extent of describing Sushant’s suicide as a ‘planned murder’. He pointed out that despite his creative prowess, Sushant did not receive any accolades, nor did he receive any awards. Kangana mentioned Sushant’s other post on Instagram in which he appeared to tell a young woman that he had “no god in this field”. You told her if you want me to live in Bollywood, go watch my movie.

Just imagine, Sushant got seventh position in engineering entrance exams throughout India. he has been an Olympiad champion in Physics at the national level and here he was asking a student to watch her film despite writing exams. Was he so insecure and despondent?

Despair shows in a character when one knows the film is throwing up, there will be no one to support him and he will resign. In one of the interviews, Sushant says there is a sound on the film’s industry.

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